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Envisioned Charge by TomasMascinskas

First, sorry it took me so long to look at this. Second, I have to say that I love you our work here. I love how the red connects with ...


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Hi I’m Sam and I’m a recent escapee from the Virginia Military Institute (VMI). I am a goof who pretends to be driven and organized. Currently my sister :iconinprismed: and I are working on seven major projects:

The first project is my nine book science fantasy series: Nothing but Glory:

“Everyone has a reason to die. It is history that determines if it was worth dying for.”-Kingsley Montivelo.
Everyone in my book has a reason to die and the Nothing but Glory series follows thirteen leaders and what they fight and die for. The series starts with the thirteen leaders rising to power, how they handle a world war that is catastrophic in scope, and watches as some are overtaken by their sins-both intentional and unintentional-and some rise to lead a stronger, but dying world into an uncertain future.

My second project is a companion book to the Nothing but Glory series: Hurrah for the Next Killer Who Dies: Selected memories of a Revolutionary:

Killers never forget, they never forgive, and they never apologize, but sometimes they explain.
This is Kingsley Montivelo's memoirs on his time as a member of the Killer Liberation Army (KLA). It starts with the moment he decides to be a KLA member and ends with Siegfried's Day, a tragic and history making day that no one in Terra ever forgets.

My third project is a collection of short stories that lay the groundwork for my series that has been published on Kindle. These stories follow the rise of Timothy Murphy (my world’s pope) and Ethan Hertz (a Druid king), David Farin (a Shadow Prince), Hugo Urbs (a fierce warrior), and Robert Phillips and Henry Banks, two humans struggling to find their place in a world dominated by fantastical creatures. These stories are published on Kindle and are support with historical information and illustrations drawn by my sister :iconinprismed:. They can found here: [link]

My fourth project is Heroes: a dystopian novel about Singularity gone wrong.

“We offer you Peace, Security, and Prosperity. We ask for your Privacy and your Obedience.”-Turing
Heroes is a world where there is no death, no war, no disease, and no crime. It is a perfect world as long as everyone fools the rules and does not mind being observed by the four guardians at all times. There is a small movement known as the Time Keepers who are desperately fighting the Guardians and bringing freedom back to the world.

My fifth project is Stairway to Heaven and is about a former druggie and asshole who decides to help struggling teens because he needs community service hours.

My sixth project is an angel and demon story which is about an angel and demon...yeah that one needs more work before I even know what it's about.

My seventh and final project is Dangerously Delusional. It is a comic about super heroes and super villains who have no idea what the hell they’re doing.

Current Projects (Starting July 17, 2014):
Shadow Country bio: 35% Completed
Rewrite Kingsley Story: 10% Completed
Charles Bio: 0% Completed
Rin Bio: 0% Completed
Zana Bio: 0% Completed
Galian Bio: 0% Completed
Enjorlas Bio: 0% Completed
plot for pre-book/"hobbit book": 0% Completed
Rewrite plot for the third book....again: 0% Completed

Word Count (Starting August 1st):

Nothing but Glory Website:
My pinterest:…
My sister introduced me to stamps:

Arbitrary Titles Stamp by WetWithRain Comments Stamp by WetWithRain The Ori-Chin Of Whisker by PsychoMonkeyShogun Fallopian tube by SirvanaRachana Ray Bradbury Stamp by justdacat Grafstein's Growth by SirvanaRachana Meissner's corpuscle by SirvanaRachana Natural Selection by draco-dragon84 Krause's end-bulbs by SirvanaRachana Being human stamp 1 by dawn-of-stamps Despicable Me by RuthlessDreams Go Go Godzilla Stamp by Aazari-Resources Fawlty Towers by Shantella Go Gadget GO by Shantella Monty Python + the Holy Grail 'I got better' Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL X-Men First Class Stamp by TwilightProwler Wolfsbane X-Force Stamp by dA--bogeyman Some Motivation Required by RuthlessDreams I know everything by postmortumm I wanna move things with my mind by prosaix Hufflepuffs don't give a shit by kittykat01 Stamp: Bananas! by TheSaltyMonster YGOTAS: Steves :Stamp: by Circe-Baka YGOTAS: Screwed Rules :Stamp: by Circe-Baka Kaiba Screwed Stamp by D-WTF Kaiba stamp by Yami-YugiohFangirl Stamp: Hans Landa: Inglorious by ASSKISSER gor-LAH-me by deerstalkerpress I'm the dude... by Kiyamasho I love Led Zeppelin by mep92 Bob Dylan stamp by 5-3-10-4 Animated Flogging Molly Stamp by Voltaireon Drunken Lullabies 001 by Dametora Drunken Lullabies 004 by Dametora Alice Cooper stamp by starchild-rocks Gargoyles Stamp - Puck by KatWithKnives Gargoyles Stamp - David Xanatos by KatWithKnives Fringe Stamp by KristalStittle Watchmen Stamp Comedian by IngwellRitter Rorschach Stamp by picklelova Vendetta Stamp by Dianitica Ideas are bulletproof - stamp by HtB-stamps Stamp V of Vendetta by Iluvendure With Love From Valerie by RavenGaleSpencer Seinfeld stamp by cool-slayer Stamp: seinquote 1 by imgoingtothemoon Arrested Development Stamp by minami Lord of the Rings stamp 4 by Chrysalislover Lord of the Rings stamp 3 by Chrysalislover Treebeard Stamp by Captain-Savvy Boromir stamp by purgatori Theoden Poem Stamp by Parabuteo78 LOTR - Wander by Jenna-Rose B.P.R.D. Stamp by AsliBayrak Hellboy stamp by AprilMcGuire Ectoplasmic fun stamp by Violette-Aner Guillermo del Toro Stamp by Violette-Aner Ron Perlman stamp by C-Puff Stamp Johann Kraus by theEyZmaster History by black-cat16-stamps i support villains by iago-rotten Deviant Stamp: Erik Lehnsherr by beekay84 Abe Stamp by eERIechan Les Miserables Stamp by sratt Elbonian Motivation by Stock7000 Pearls Before Swine Stamp by Zetas The Mummy stamp by BaB-Jane Jurassic Park Stamp by ZZsStamps Thee Stoopid One :Stamp: by Circe-Baka Freaky Fred by Cathines-Stamps Cheese stamp by GalacticSun Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Stamp by shadowleigh Foster's Home: Potatoes by Galialay "Heroes" Bowie stamp by TheStampQueen David Bowie Labyrinth Stamp by RebelOreo Labyrinth by Songficcer Bad ideas look Good -stamp by Sysirauta Warrior Stamp by PhoenixKnght86 Cloud Atlas Stamp by Lady-AnnJoanne YGOTAS: SSA :Stamp: by Circe-Baka Dan Green Stamp by erikagrace303 Craig's Cat by Rodentruler Craig Ferguson Fan Stamp by SonKitty I'll pray for you, Satan-chan by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me We love Phoenix by BlackRayser
So we just posted five more bios on the website ^_^

We now have the Sividon Prince Apollo Morrison, the strange Gargoyle psychic Cassiopeia, the honorable Shadow General Solomon Kant, the wild and fierce Benedict Kant, and the dangerous and cold hearted Emmanuel Caine.
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I was tagged.

1. Introduce yourself of course. Tell us a few interests; perhaps why you're here on Deviantart, or why you choose to write instead of draw (or both).

I'm Sam, Delta-13, Delta, or Ham. Whatever. I'm not picky and I write because I struggle drawing circles. I feel that if you struggle with circles than you're probably going to have a hard time drawing anything else. Thus, I turned to the written word and never looked back.

2. Hmmm, that is interesting. Now that the formalities are out of the way, what do you write? (Poetry, stories, etc.)

Mostly series although I've recently explored the short story format, and I take a crack at poetry now and then.

3. I see, I see. Well, so what do you like to write about? Go on, don't be shy about it. Nobody's judging you.

Uh....death, mayhem, sacrifice, salvation, honor, war, mythical beasts, horror, comedy, death. Did I say that already?

4. I wasn't quite expecting that from you, and think that I thought I knew you. Ok then, how did you really get into writing?

Welllll...after the circle debacle of 95, I was inspired to write a lord of the rings carbon copy. After that, I found my creative side and starting the Nothing but Glory series....and now I'm here still writing the Nothing but Glory series. XD

5. Oh, I can probably relate that. You talked about why, what, and how, so, when did you really start writing?

Oh god....I think in Kindergarten when I wrote my first poem-Cat on a Mat. XD

6. That long ago, really? Alright, one last little question, who got you into writing? Did you get inspired by an author, or maybe someone just got the idea into your head to write?

Uuuuuuum I don't really remember, in all honest. It seems that I always wanted to write, like I was born to write....Wow that makes me sound like a pompous ass.

7. Ok, ok. I suppose that's enough of 20 Questions. So why don't you go ahead and show us a paragraph or a few lines of a poem (but it's gotta be original for this, don't think I won't be watching!)

Raven, Matt, and Greg were casually walking through the bookstore, wasting time until the others met up with them so they could see X-men Days of Future Past. Raven a biting her lip and playing with her lip ring as her brightly decorated eyes scanned the shelves out of sheer boredom.
"You really need to dye your hair, Matt," said Greg, "Your roots are showing threw."
Matt furrowed his eyebrows.
"Thank you, Tim Gunn?"
"I'm just saying," said Greg, rolling his eyes, "And they're annoying me."
Raven gasped and stopped short, causing Matt and Greg to run into each other.
"Raven!" snapped Matt.
"It's him!" said Raven, grabbing a heavy book.
"Who?" asked Greg.
"The guy! The guy who was all 'I'm going to be an idiot and get all these men killed and not listen to the guy with the big beard even though he looks like he knows what he's doing'."
They stared at her.
"You know! At Gettysburg!"
"Raven, what are you on?" asked Matt.
Greg took the book from Raven, studied the cover, and looked up at her exasperated.
"Robert E. Lee, Raven?"

8. Ah, quite touching. I suppose that's all I can really say for this one dear writer within this art site. If you know any other writers, feel free to forc....erm..."politely ask" any other writes you know here, to give their hand at filling this thing out.

Uh....I'm not that cruel. XD
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