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Hi! I'm Sam and I am a recent escapee from the Virginia Military Institute and I am currently working in Washington D.C. I enjoy reading 1000 page history books, writing stories, and relaxing. Given freetime I will most likely sleep or write. My biggest project at the moment is editing my first book so I can try and get it published, although I often write short stories on the side for fun and to cheer up and amuse my sister :iconinprismed: who is jealous she cannot be as amazing as I am.

Recently my sister and I published a collection of short stories and illustrations on Kindle. It can be found here: [link]

This is the book's description:

Welcome to the back roads of Terra, a winding, crisscrossing attempt to instill order onto a chaotic world. While it does not matter which path is taken, as in Terra all roads lead to Hell, the short stories in this collection chronicle the attempts of five men to survive the trials of Terra and create a road that will lead to Heaven. Join Geoffrey Farin in his attempt to prevent his family from shattering. Watch Ethan Hertz make a deal with a devil in a halo to keep his country from descending into bloody civil war. Grow with Hugo as he becomes the warrior he is destined to be. Struggle with General Henry Banks, who must choose between duty to his family and duty to his country. Laugh with Representative Robert Phillips as his family jumps from one misadventure to another. These stories are supplemented by five illustrations, historical and cultural notes, and pave the way for the Second Shadow War, which is chronicled in the Nothing but Glory series.

Current Projects (Starting January 6, 2013):
Shadow Country bio: 35% Completed
Vena Bio: 0% Completed
Apollo Bio: 0% Completed
Vichy Bio: 0% Completed
Cassiopeia Bio:0% Completed
Rust Bio: 0% Completed
plot for pre-book/"hobbit book": 0% Completed
Rewrite plot for the third book....again: 0% Completed
Rewrite Kingsley Story: 7% Completed

Word Count (Starting January 1st):
Daily: 3587
Weekly: 9727
Monthly: 64095

My sister introduced me to stamps:

Arbitrary Titles Stamp by WetWithRain Comments Stamp by WetWithRain The Ori-Chin Of Whisker by PsychoMonkeyShogun Fallopian tube by SirvanaRachana Ray Bradbury Stamp by justdacat Grafstein's Growth by SirvanaRachana Meissner's corpuscle by SirvanaRachana Natural Selection by draco-dragon84 Krause's end-bulbs by SirvanaRachana Being human stamp 1 by dawn-of-stamps Despicable Me by RuthlessDreams Go Go Godzilla Stamp by Aazari-Resources Fawlty Towers by Shantella Go Gadget GO by Shantella Monty Python + the Holy Grail 'I got better' Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL X-Men First Class Stamp by TwilightProwler Wolfsbane X-Force Stamp by dA--bogeyman Some Motivation Required by RuthlessDreams I know everything by postmortumm I wanna move things with my mind by prosaix Hufflepuffs don't give a shit by kittykat01 Stamp: Bananas! by TheSaltyMonster YGOTAS: Steves :Stamp: by Circe-Baka YGOTAS: Screwed Rules :Stamp: by Circe-Baka Kaiba Screwed Stamp by D-WTF Kaiba stamp by Yami-YugiohFangirl Stamp: Hans Landa: Inglorious by ASSKISSER gor-LAH-me by deerstalkerpress I'm the dude... by Kiyamasho I love Led Zeppelin by mep92 Bob Dylan stamp by 5-3-10-4 Animated Flogging Molly Stamp by Voltaireon Drunken Lullabies 001 by Dametora Drunken Lullabies 004 by Dametora Alice Cooper stamp by starchild-rocks Gargoyles Stamp - Puck by KatWithKnives Gargoyles Stamp - David Xanatos by KatWithKnives Fringe Stamp by KristalStittle Watchmen Stamp Comedian by IngwellRitter Rorschach Stamp by picklelova Vendetta Stamp by Dianitica Ideas are bulletproof - stamp by HtB-stamps Stamp V of Vendetta by Iluvendure With Love From Valerie by RavenGaleSpencer Seinfeld stamp by cool-slayer Stamp: seinquote 1 by imgoingtothemoon Arrested Development Stamp by minami Lord of the Rings stamp 4 by Chrysalislover Lord of the Rings stamp 3 by Chrysalislover Treebeard Stamp by Captain-Savvy Boromir stamp by purgatori Theoden Poem Stamp by Parabuteo78 LOTR - Wander by Jenna-Rose B.P.R.D. Stamp by AsliBayrak Hellboy stamp by AprilMcGuire Ectoplasmic fun stamp by Violette-Aner Guillermo del Toro Stamp by Violette-Aner Ron Perlman stamp by C-Puff Stamp Johann Kraus by theEyZmaster History by black-cat16-stamps i support villains by iago-rotten Deviant Stamp: Erik Lehnsherr by beekay84 Abe Stamp by eERIechan Les Miserables Stamp by sratt Elbonian Motivation by Stock7000 Pearls Before Swine Stamp by Zetas The Mummy stamp by BaB-Jane Jurassic Park Stamp by ZZsStamps Thee Stoopid One :Stamp: by Circe-Baka Freaky Fred by Cathines-Stamps Cheese stamp by GalacticSun Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Stamp by shadowleigh Foster's Home: Potatoes by Galialay "Heroes" Bowie stamp by TheStampQueen David Bowie Labyrinth Stamp by RebelOreo Labyrinth by Songficcer Bad ideas look Good -stamp by Mistress-of-Air Warrior Stamp by PhoenixKnght86 Cloud Atlas Stamp by Lady-AnnJoanne YGOTAS: SSA :Stamp: by Circe-Baka Dan Green Stamp by erikagrace303 Craig's Cat by Rodentruler Craig Ferguson Fan Stamp by SonKitty I'll pray for you, Satan-chan by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me We love Phoenix by BlackRayser
I just wanted to write a quick journal entry highlighting two awesome pieces of artwork I found on DA today.

Sleeping Equus_ stamp _woot by Inprismed

The first entry is created by :iconinprismed: and I was blown away when I saw it. First off it's a stamp of my very own creature named Equus. He's so adorable and I just want to hug him. ^_^ Second, I think the attention to detail is amazing in this piece. This was her first stamp she ever created and I think it turned out pretty damn well.

A Better Time Than ThisIt was around ten o'clock PM on a Saturday, and I was sitting up in my room listening to jazz music on my computer, when I glanced out the window and saw Humphrey Bogart standing in the driveway.  He was wearing a black suit and a gray fedora, smoking a fresh cigarette that dangled from the side of his mouth as he stuck his thumbs into the belt loops of his pants.
I second-glanced and looked more closely.  There was no mistaking it.  Whoever was standing down there did not appear to be a ghost or of some supernatural form, but as real and physical as myself.  Either someone had been blessed with a face, height, and mass precise to that of the famous movie actor's, or I needed to lay off the energy drinks.  As anyone else would be, I was quite shocked to see someone who should have been dead since 1957 very well alive, in flesh and blood.  This goes without mentioning the fact that out of all the driveways in all the towns in all the world, he walked into m

This second piece is created by :iconstilwater-rundeepo: It is incredibly well written, features the great Humphrey Bogart, and perfectly captures what it is like to feel out of place and time. I have rarely read pieces that capture how I feel, but this is one of those pieces. I have a hard time living in this era and I often feel out of place and it was so nice to know that I'm not alone.

Anyway these are both great pieces and I really think you guys should check them out!
  • Mood: Happy
  • Watching: X-men: First Class
  • Drinking: Tea
I feel like a moron because I completely forgot to mention three amazing people in my last journal! CURSE YOU!

Anyway I want to point out a few people:

1. :iconmyriadwhitedarkness: He is an awesome writer and an amazing deviant. He loves to promote other writer's work and loves to encourage people. He has actually started a section of his page to highlight writers he finds inspirational/amazing. Definitely check it out if you want to find awesome writers and check out his gallery. He's awesome!

2. :icontigurus: Not only is he an awesome writer (seriously his poems are some of the best I've ever read on DA), but he has been an awesome buddy and has been really supportive of my writing. Seriously check out his gallery. He's amazing.

3. :iconjawaboxereod: This is another deviant who has an awesome gallery, but the real reason he's in this journal is because he has been unbelievably supportive of my work, even the crappy pieces. So check out his gallery. He's an awesome, supportive person, and some of his fanfics are really entertaining!

4. :iconnicolasjolly: I have never seen a style like his. It is both incredibly sharp, but beautifully soft and inviting. He sells prints, has a facebook page, and has items on Etsy. Seriously, people, check him out. Every single piece he has done is breathtaking.

5. :iconblithefool: is, simply put, a fun and spunky person. She has an awesome attitude and it shows in her artwork. Her pieces are fun and full of comic goodness. I recommend her gallery for anyone looking for a comic piece with a hint of attitude.

6. :icondoughboycafe: I cannot expression in words how much I love her gallery. Not only is it unique because she writes primary historical fiction, but it's damn good historical fiction. It reminds me of Ernest Hemingway's writing. Her pieces are powerful and hard hitting and unforgettable. She is also hosting the Historical Flash Fiction contest (more info can be found here: Check out the contest and her gallery

7. :iconcelestialmemories: is a friendly, helpful, and engaging deviant. She lives to help and promote other deviants and she loves to critique other people's work. Her gallery is also amazing, but really I think she deserves a shout out because of how dedicated she is to the lit community on DA. She is an amazing person and a great inspiration.

8. :iconsize-and-stupidity: I die laughing everything I read his shorts. There is no better cure for a crappy day than watching his dinosaurs make asses of themselves. He is incredibly funny, a nice, engaging person, and just an all around awesome person.

9. :iconjeffreyrebowlski: His pieces are powerful and cut right to the bone. His pieces random from horrible puns to maddening streams of consciousness. His poems are never straightforward, but somehow cuts to the core of life. He can capture the truth of the human condition in four sentences. He is also incredibly friendly with wisdom and an enormous heart. Check out his gallery in you're in a reflective/philosophical mood.

10. :iconinprismed: Now I know people are going to say I'm slightly bias since she's my sister and my response to that is: bite me! Actually, in all seriousness I really think you should check out her gallery. She has fantastic pieces and she has improved so much within the last year and she is continuing to improve. I'm really proud of her. The real reason I'm putting her in this journal is because I wanted to thank her. She is my biggest supporter and the series is as much her book as it is mine. She's the only who helps me sort through the 3:00 in the morning ideas, she edits my rambling stories, she helps me with my atrocious grammar, she draws my characters with a love and care I've never seen before, and she is my cheerleader and inspiration.

And now I'm done being a sap.
  • Mood: High
  • Watching: CSI: Criminal Scene Investigation
  • Drinking: Tea

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Thanks for the llama.
Squall1015 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thxs for the fave, I'm surprise you found that picture, lol because I haven't really used copic markers over a year now XD
Delta-13 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Haha no problem! A friend sent to me because we're both huge batman and superman fans as well as cat fans.
Squall1015 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
haha cool, well I have done couple of fanarts of other characters in DC like Poison Ivy and others, if you like you can check on them cause to me I felt those characters look better than the batkitty picture I did XD
fpbarros Mar 13, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for your fav! Glad you like my work!
Delta-13 Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
No problem! Dr. Strangelove is one of my favorite movies and your picture was awesome!
fpbarros Mar 13, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! I love Kubrick, and it's one of my favorites... I guess it's time I finally do that Barry Lyndon piece I've been hoping for!
Delta-13 Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I love Kubrick too! My favorites are a tie between Paths of Glory and Strangelove. I haven't seen Barry Lyndon. I really need to watch it.
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WorldWar-Tori Mar 12, 2014   General Artist
:wave: Hello, I'm just stopping by to congratulate you on your placing in the BurdenedHearts 120 Seconds Contest and let you know you've been featured here Love

If I owe you other prizes; I will be contacting you shortly to give them to you!
N8MA Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
tnx 4 d fave!! :woohoo:
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