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Hi, I’m Sam, also known as Ham, and I’m a recent escapee from the Virginia Military Institute (VMI). I am a goof who pretends to be driven and organized. Currently, my sister, :iconinprismed:, and I are working on seven major projects:

1. The first project is my fifteen book science fantasy series: Nothing but Glory:

“Everyone has a reason to die. It is history that determines if it was worth dying for.”-Kingsley Montivelo.

My series follows thirteen leaders as they rise to power, how they handle a world war that is catastrophic in scope, and watches as some are overtaken by their sins-both intentional and unintentional-and some rise to lead a stronger, but dying world into an uncertain future. The first nine book are ‘regional’ books (they focus on each region of my world) while the next six are the about the war itself. Think of my series like the Avengers movies. The first nine books establish my characters (like Marvel phase one) and the next six books are one huge Avengers movie.

2. My second project is a companion book to the Nothing but Glory series: For the Next Killer Who Dies: Selected memories of a Revolutionary::

Killers never forget, they never forgive, and they never apologize, but sometimes they explain.

This is Kingsley Montivelo's memoir on his time as a member of the terroirist organization known as the Killer Liberation Army (KLA). Kingsley is one of the four leaders who are responsible for the war that my series, Nothing but Glory, is about and this book is his attempt to set the record straight. It starts with the moment he decides to join the KLA and ends with a fateful visit that sets the stage for the series itself.

3. My third project is a collection of short stories that relate to my series: the Backroads of Terra. It has been published on Kindle and contains illustrations drawn by my sister :iconinprismed:. It can found here: [link]

4. My fourth project is Heroes: a dystopian novel about Singularity gone wrong.

“We offer you Peace, Security, and Prosperity. We ask for your Privacy and your Obedience.”-Turing

Heroes is a world where there is no death, no war, no disease, and no crime. It is a perfect world as long as everyone follows the rules and does not mind being observed by the four guardians at all times. There is a small movement known as the Time Keepers who are desperately fighting the Guardians and bringing freedom back to the world.

5. My fifth project is Stairway to Heaven and is about a former druggie and asshole who decides to help struggling teens because he needs community service hours.

6. My sixth project is The Undesirables and it is about our modern world merging with the mystical world. Angels now rule planet earth and humans share their cities with all kinds of monsters. Archangel Michael creates a team of losers, damned, and assholes to combat evil with evil. Oh and Cthulhu is involved somehow. That’s all I got so far.

7. My seventh and final project is Dangerously Delusional. It is a comic about super heroes and super villains who have no idea what the hell they’re doing.

Nothing but Glory Website:
My pinterest:…
My Tumblr:

My sister introduced me to stamps:

Arbitrary Titles Stamp by WetWithRain Comments Stamp by WetWithRain The Ori-Chin Of Whisker by PsychoMonkeyShogun Fallopian tube by SirvanaRachana Ray Bradbury Stamp by justdacat Grafstein's Growth by SirvanaRachana Meissner's corpuscle by SirvanaRachana Natural Selection by draco-dragon84 Krause's end-bulbs by SirvanaRachana Being human stamp 1 by dawn-of-stamps Despicable Me by RuthlessDreams Go Go Godzilla Stamp by Aazari-Resources Fawlty Towers by Shantella Go Gadget GO by Shantella Monty Python + the Holy Grail 'I got better' Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL X-Men First Class Stamp by TwilightProwler Wolfsbane X-Force Stamp by dA--bogeyman Some Motivation Required by RuthlessDreams I know everything by postmortumm I wanna move things with my mind by prosaix Hufflepuffs don't give a shit by kittykat01 Stamp: Bananas! by TheSaltyMonster YGOTAS: Steves :Stamp: by LauNachtyr YGOTAS: Screwed Rules :Stamp: by LauNachtyr Kaiba Screwed Stamp by D-WTF Kaiba stamp by Yami-YugiohFangirl Stamp: Hans Landa: Inglorious by ASSKISSER gor-LAH-me by deerstalkerpress I'm the dude... by Kiyamasho I love Led Zeppelin by mep92 Bob Dylan stamp by 5-3-10-4 Animated Flogging Molly Stamp by Voltaireon Drunken Lullabies 001 by Dametora Drunken Lullabies 004 by Dametora Alice Cooper stamp by starchild-rocks Gargoyles Stamp - Puck by KatWithKnives Gargoyles Stamp - David Xanatos by KatWithKnives Fringe Stamp by KristalStittle Watchmen Stamp Comedian by IngwellRitter Rorschach Stamp by picklelova Vendetta Stamp by Dianitica Ideas are bulletproof - stamp by HtB-stamps Stamp V of Vendetta by Iluvendure With Love From Valerie by RavenGaleSpencer Seinfeld stamp by cool-slayer Stamp: seinquote 1 by imgoingtothemoon Arrested Development Stamp by minami Lord of the Rings stamp 4 by LordPendragonOfCaria Lord of the Rings stamp 3 by LordPendragonOfCaria Treebeard Stamp by Captain-Savvy Boromir stamp by purgatori LOTR - Wander by Jenna-Rose B.P.R.D. Stamp by AsliBayrak Hellboy stamp by AprilMcGuire Ectoplasmic fun stamp by Violette-Aner Guillermo del Toro Stamp by Violette-Aner Ron Perlman stamp by C-Puff Stamp Johann Kraus by theEyZmaster History by black-cat16-stamps i support villains by radu-rotten Deviant Stamp: Erik Lehnsherr by beekay84 Abe Stamp by eERIechan Les Miserables Stamp by sratt Elbonian Motivation by Stock7000 Pearls Before Swine Stamp by Zetas The Mummy stamp by BaB-Jane Jurassic Park Stamp by ZZsStamps Thee Stoopid One :Stamp: by LauNachtyr Freaky Fred by Cathines-Stamps Cheese stamp by GalacticSun :thumb345923921: Foster's Home: Potatoes by Galialay 'Heroes' Bowie stamp by TheStampQueen David Bowie Labyrinth Stamp by RebelOreo Labyrinth by Songficcer Bad ideas look Good -stamp by Sysirauta Warrior Stamp by PhoenixKnght86 Cloud Atlas Stamp by Lady-AnnJoanne YGOTAS: SSA :Stamp: by LauNachtyr Dan Green Stamp by erikagrace303 Craig's Cat by Rodentruler Craig Ferguson Fan Stamp by SonKitty I'll pray for you, Satan-chan by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me We love Phoenix by BlackRayser
I know I've been MIA for a while and I'm sorry about that. Life has turn to shit and I just needed time to get my real life sorted out before handling my online life. Things are starting to calm down a little so I'm hoping I can return to DA and start reading other people's stuff again. Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that I wasn't dead-just really busy.
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So I just discovered Albert Camus and apparently I’ve been an absurdist my entire life and never realized it. Haha. I did not grow up in the Christian tradition. I mean I knew about Christianity and all that jazz, but my family was either agonistic or atheist. Honestly, we figured that Jesus Christ had the same chance of being real as fairy folk or Apollo and the Hydra.

As a kid, I grew up reading Greek mythology and thought and folklore. I read Plato’s Republic and Apology before even looking at the Bible and I knew all the Greek myths by heart. So when I was introduced to Christianity and the idea of a loving God who actually cared about you, I’ll admit I called bullshit. In a lot of ways, the Old Testament God made more sense to me than the New Testament God and my opinion only hardened after reading about the 20th century. What kind of loving God would ever allow WWI and WWI to take place, not to mention the terrorist attacks and oppression we are witnessing today? No, in my mind, an uncaring God and universe made more sense than a caring God. And don’t give me that shit about Satan. If God is all powerful and caring, why the hell did he let Satan rebel in the first place? Why did he let Satan corrupt us? Did He not know that Satan was hanging out in Eden and chatting Eve up? And if you argue that He was respecting our free will then how the hell does He have a ‘plan’ and things happen for a reason? Maybe the reason is you’re a dumbass, but then how can He allow you to be such a dumbass? Couldn’t He warn you? How does a text from God saying, “Yo, gambling your life’s savings might not be the best idea, dude,’ affect your free will? He’s not preventing you, He’s just warning you. Wouldn’t a loving God do that? And if you’re going to tell me that He does, but we miss the signs, then He should make the signs more obvious. Obviously, the human race is stupid as shit, so can’t He make it just a little easier for us?

Anyway, in many Greek myths, the Gods are fickle and cruel and the only thing a mortal can do is live and love the best he can and rise above the God’s pettiness by keeping his dignity-even in the most dire of situations. I also use Oedipus as an example of a true Greek. Despite everything, he found the strength to define his fate and punishment, by plucking his own eyes out. For a split second, he was above the gods and destiny by defining his crimes himself and that’s all we can do. It is very tragic and it certainly won’t help you sleep at night, but it makes more sense to me than a loving God who has a plan and cares about you, but you still get fucked over time and time again.

What the hell does that have to do with absurdism? Well, my basic understanding of absurdism (and I just started reading about it, so this is a really simplified definition) is that it is absurd for humans to look for meaning in a meaningless universe, and yet, Camus argues that the only logical thing for man to do in an absurdist universe is to defiantly continue to search for meaning. I agree with this a hundred percent, maybe not for the same reasons as Camus, but simply because if I’m alive, I might as well live!

I know my life is meaningless and that someday I will die and someday Earth will die and someday the universe will die and we will be nothing, not even a memory, but I am alive now and I can do something now. Will it matter a thousand years from now? Probably not, but does it matter now? Yes.

I continue to live, despite knowing the futility, because I love. In the end, my friends and family matter very little, but they matter to me and if I can help them or inspire them, than I will continue to live and search. As long as I can make someone laugh or inspire them not to give up, then that is all I need. And what of my future? What future? I could die tomorrow or later tonight. I am not guaranteed a future. I am only guaranteed now, and so, I will use this moment the best way I can and, just maybe, what I do today, could make someone else’s life better in the future. Maybe, if my books ever become published, they can inspire someone or maybe, somewhere down the line (if I live that long) I could do something important-as important as anything we do can be-and maybe not. Maybe I just live a normal life and I die and the only ones who remember me are my friends and family and, within a generation, it will be as if I was never born. I’m ok with that, because I lived while I could.

I will be like Oedipus, trapped within destiny and the whims of the gods, but still arrogant enough to dare to define my own life. I am content to look at the abyss, the carelessness of the universe, and foolishly try to rebel against it but finding meaning and value in something that is meaningless. I only live once and god damn I’m going to make it count, even if it only counts to me and my close circle of friends and family. Maybe something that small is superfluous, but I am content to live with the delusion that it is monumental, while also being keenly aware that it is absurd.

Of course, some smart ass if going to ask, well if life is meaningless why follow laws and do what’s right? There is no rational argument not to do whatever the fuck you want, but I will say that if we only live once, why make other people miserable? Why hurt and steal from other people, when we can work and live together and help each other and make our brief moments of life happy and peaceful? Let us rebel against the coldness of the universe, by being warm and loving to each other. After all, humanity only has itself. It might as well try to look after itself since there is no god or angel to do it for us.

In the end, that is what my series is about. Absurdism. Good to know, right? Haha

Now I will admit that it is a perverse way of looking at things, and it probably means I’m insane, but it makes as much sense as praying to a name and repeating that He loves us all, when there is plenty of evidence of the opposite.
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123 deviations
“The sun is out today,” said Henry, sitting on the edge of his chair, his back as straight as a rod, and adjusting his napkin until it was perpendicular to the edge of the table.
His young son, Eric, nodded his head while staring out the bay window. The city outside seemed lethargic compared to the hustle and bustle that went on in the restaurant. Outside a lone horse drawn carriage ambled by while the occasional business man in top hat or finely dressed lady walked towards the market on the shore. From their seats, they could just see the tips of the sails and the seagulls floating overhead.
“No clouds.”
Eric shook his head. Oh, yes, this was an enlightening conversation. Why, oh, why had Mira sent him out with Eric? If she was so worried about the young boy, why wasn’t she sitting here having a natural conversation with him? Henry was convinced she would have been able to pry more out of him than a simple head nod.
“He respects you,” she whispered as they left the house, “He’ll open up to you. You are his father.”
Another quick jab from an increasingly dissatisfied wife. A minor problem compared to everything on his plate, but a painful thorn. Potentially fatal?
“Not too cold either.”
Eric nodded his head and Henry sighed. The two males were spitting images of each other-the only difference being that Eric, at the tender age of nine, was still growing and he had not yet adopted his father’s severe grimace or his rigid, boxer build. But they had the same brunette hair (Henry’s trained to stay out of his face while Eric’s hair did as it pleased), same hard and iron face, and the same hawklike eyes (Henry’s cold brown embers; Eric’s bright blue flames struggling against the frost). Hopefully not the same taste in women or occupation.
“Thank you,” said Henry, briefly made aware of the chaos that was going on around them as the waitress brought them their clam chowders.
The restaurant was all laughter and gaffs as waitresses struggled to hand out meals in a timely manner and seasoned sailors and rambunctious young boys vainly attempted to distract them. He sneered at the manner less patrons and wondered, not for the first time, what he and his men had sacrificed themselves for.
“Thank you,” muttered Eric, his eyes flashing with excitement despite himself.
“I knew it was your favorite,” lied Henry, pulling himself away from the distasteful scene.
The boy haltingly picked up his spoon and carefully scooped some soup before blowing on it, and taking a tentative taste.
Eric nodded his head. Henry sniffed in approved before taking a bite of soup himself. It had been a long time since he had taken the time to have a proper meal. He would need a better staff. His was too ineffective. He would have to start with a good chief of staff. Once he had that in place, he would be able to mold the other positions into shape. Mira was right of course. He couldn’t do everything on his own, no matter how much he disagreed. Yes, find a good chief of staff, fix the others, and then make time for his boys. Oh! Henry looked up in surprised as Eric continued to fixate on his soup. The general wiped his lips with a napkin and struggled for a conversation starter, a simple statement that could not be answered with an infernal head nod.
“Eric, what were you reading to James before I interrupted?”
“Just a book,” shrugged his son, staring intently into his bowl.
“I figured that much. What was it about?”
“An adventurer.”
“Very enlightening,” sighed Henry.
The boy flinched as if he had been whipped. Henry swallowed another spoonful.
“Do you read to James often?”
Eric nodded his head. Again with the nodding. Maybe Mira was right. Maybe something was wrong with him.
“It’s nice that you do that.”
Eric nodded his head before taking another sip of soup. Henry frowned and watched his son’s jittery movements.
He looked up, wide-eyed and fearful.
“What’s wrong?”
“I’m fine,” he said before quickly returning to his soup.
Henry’s eyes sharpened as his son tried to hide from him and there was a crash as a frisky sailor overreached.
“Your mother thinks otherwise.”
Eric flinched again and a shadow flashed across his face.
“Is that why you took me out today? Because Mom thinks there’s something wrong with me?”
Henry paused and carefully thought about how to phrase his next sentence.
“There is nothing wrong with you, but she is concerned about you. She feels you are too quiet for a boy your age.”
Eric frowned and ran his spoon across the bottom of his bowl, “Is there anything wrong with being quiet?”
“No, I don’t think so.”
Eric looked up at his father.
“But withdrawing from the world can be dangerous and hurtful to yourself and those around you.”
“You do it.”
Henry’s face softened and Eric’s eyes widened before he ducked towards the soup bowl again.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean…I understand. We understand.”
“Who’s we?”
His son bit his lip and wrung his hands under the table.
“Nothing. Forget it,” he said, vigorously shaking his head.
“Eric,” said Henry, his voice hardened.
The young boy flinched and muttered, “Us, boys. We understand you’re busy and you don’t have time for us.”
Henry jumped as the restaurant exploded in laughter and he shot a dangerous glare towards the commotion. Eric shifted in his seat and vainly tried to scoop up what little remained of his meal. The general took a second before returning to his son.
“Is that what you all think?”
Eric glanced up and nodded his head, before sputtering “It’s ok. You’re a very busy and important man. We understand.”
Henry’s eyes hardened as he withdrew into himself, Mira’s angry words echoing in his ears.
“It’s why Hermes and I made the deal.”
“What deal?” asked the general, furrowing his eyebrows.
Eric’s face flushed and he rubbed the back of his neck.
“It’s not important.”
“I would like to know.”
The boy shook his head and went back to staring at his soup bowl.
“It’s stupid, but we made a deal that we would help Mom for you. It’s been hard for her and she needs help,” said Eric, blinking incessantly and jerkily nodding his head as he continued to stare at his soup bowl, “It’s just hard, I guess. Four boys and you’re always gone.”
He looked up briefly before frowning and looking down again.
“I didn’t mean it like that.”
“Go on,” said Henry, withdrawing more and more.
“Well, we thought we could help. Hermes is fourteen and I’m nine, but people say I act like I’m fifteen,” said Eric, swirling his spoon around in his empty bowl, “We decided that it would be Hermes’ job to watch over Mercury and it would be my job to watch over James, that way Mom wouldn’t have to deal with all of their problems.”
Henry’s face softened and he forced himself to come back. Couldn’t retreat, not from this. Not from his own son. Strange how simple it was to die on the battlefield, to expect it and not flinch, but now, now he could not even talk to his own son. Just like he couldn’t talk to his own wife. Eric, taking his silence for rage, pulled into himself and visibly shook in his chair, his hair flopping over his eyes as he stared at his shoes.
“And who looks after you two?” Henry asked, his voice distant and strange.
“We don’t need anyone to look after us,” Eric muttered to his low quarters, “We can take care of ourselves, like you.”
“Like me?” asked Henry, raising an eyebrow.
“Yeah,” said the young boy, slowly raising his head, “You’re busy protecting our country, but you don’t let anyone look after you.”
Henry’s face fell as he met Eric’s wide and brilliant blue eyes and for the first time he understood.
“That’s not true, you know.”
“What isn’t?”
“That no one looks after me. I may not be home often, but the very fact that I know you and your mother are safe…it allows me to do what needs to be done. By looking after each other, you’re looking after me.”
“Really?” said Eric, his face softening as he fully faced his father.
His son furrowed his eyebrows as if something didn’t make sense before they both jumped.
“Eric, just the little sailor I wanted to see.”
Henry and Eric turned their heads and saw a smoking golem stumbling towards them. Henry tightened and instinctively reached for the revolver that wasn’t there, but Eric brightened and grinned, “Strata!”
“How’s it going?” he asked, tussling Eric’s hair, “Good afternoon, general.”
‘Mr. Maryland,” said Henry, nodding his head tightly, his eyes flashing.
Strata Maryland was a walking smoke cloud. His wispy grey hair was in a permanent state of blowing in the wind and his electric blue eyes were never quite in focus. His face looked like someone took a meat cleaver to it and attempted to carve a human face before giving up halfway through and his clothes looked like they hadn’t been changed since 1814.
“I didn’t mean to interrupt,” said Strata, taking something out of his pocket, “But I wanted to give you a little something before I ship out tomorrow.”
Eric gasped as Strata handed him a sailor’s hat.
“Thank you,” said Eric, placing it on his head, beaming.
Henry barely smiled before facing Strata.
“Thank you,” he said stiffly.
“Ah, it’s my pleasure. I thought about getting him his own whittling knife, but I didn’t think the General’s wife would appreciate that too much.”
“No, definitely not,” said Henry, “She’s placed a ban on all weapons after last year’s squirrel incident.”
Eric blushed and returned to his soup.
“Squirrel incident?”
“It’s a long story,” sighed Henry.
Strata shook his head with a grin before patting Eric on the shoulder.
“Now you stay out of trouble while I’m gone, you hear?”
“I’ll be fine as long as you’re gone” grinned Eric, “You’re the one who always gets me into trouble.”
Strata laughed, “I’ll hold my tongue just because your father is here.”
Fear flashed across Eric’s eyes as he turned to face Henry.
“You’ve got a good boy here,” said Strata, “Useful and efficient and he has a good heart.”
“Thank you.”
Strata, catching Henry’s tone of voice, lovingly looked Eric over before nodding his head towards the general and stumbling out of the restaurant. The young boy watched him leave before turning to face a less than amused Henry.
“He’s a good man,” said Eric, staring at his father sternly.
“He seems very fond of you.”
Eric shifted, but stayed strong.
“He’s been very nice to me. He’s taught me how to sail and whittle and he looks after me, even though he is very busy.”
Henry frowned and for a second thought Mira was here as well, continuing their endless fight.
“He makes times for you.”
Eric’s face fell, but he didn’t look down. He simply stared at his father, threatening him to contradict any of his previous statements.
“It’s good,” said Henry, stiffly refolding his napkin so it hardly appeared to be used, “It’s good you had a father figure.”
“I have a father,” said Eric, “Strata’s just a friend. You are my father.”
“I am aware.”
Henry took a deep breath and tried to untighten as his son stared at him, shaking, but ready to spar. No, that was not why he was here. Eric was not Mira and the issues of the parents should not affect the children.
“Is sailing something you would like to do?”
Eric’s eyes widened and for a second the extreme change of pace threw him for a loop. Henry briskly nodded his head as the waitress checked up on them and resisted the urge to punch the idiot in the corner who was singing.
“I-I-I don’t I don’t know,” his young son finally spluttered, before staring at his sailing hat, “Maybe.”
Henry nodded his head and forced his mouth to open, “Eric, you know that I love you, don’t you?”
Eric looked up and nodded his head furiously.
“And it’s not that I don’t have time for you or the others, it’s just-”
“We understand,” interjected Eric as his father tripped over his own tongue.
“I know, but…if you ever needed me, truly needed me, Eric, I would be there.”
Eric’s face softened and he rubbed the back of his neck.
“I would never bother you. What you do is too important.”
“Nothing is more important than my sons,” said Henry, leaning forward to look Eric in the eyes.
“I guess….sometimes it feels like…we all hear you and Mom, the few times you’re home. We all know…”
Henry frowned and his eyes softened as he thought back to the fights he had had with Mira since returning from the front. Of course the boys had heard them. Stupid.
“I am afraid that…The country needs you, but we need you too. I need you.”
Henry’s face fell and it seemed that even the restaurant knew to remain still. Eric ran his hand through his hair and growled as he pushed himself to continue, unable to look at his white and tremblingly father, afraid of what he would see in those cold, demanding eyes.
“I want you around more. You were gone for so long, and I know why. I understand. You were fighting a war, but you’re home now and, yet, it feels like we see even less of you.”
“Eric, I am sorry-”
“I don’t want to lose you!” snapped the boy, panting as if he had just run a marathon.
His eyes widened and he gasped.
“Eric,” said Henry, reaching over the table and grabbing his son’s small, but rough hand, “You’re never going to lose me.”
“I’m just afraid…I don’t want the family to break.”
Henry watched his son’s soft and gentle face, his blue eyes fighting back tears, and sighed deeply.
“It won’t. I will not allow that to happen.”
Eric using his sleeve to wipe his nose and stared at Henry questioningly.
“You are right. I am home now and I should start acting like it,” he said, the sounds of the battlefield faintly echoing in his ears, “I will make things up with your mother. I have been absent lately and it’s not right, but things will be better.”
“You promise?” Eric sniffed.
Henry smiled, “I promise nothing will ever tear this family apart.”
“And you’ll be around more?”
“And I’ll be around more.”
Eric grinned faintly as his father ruffled his hair.
“You are a good boy, Eric. I am lucky to have you as a son.”
“No, Hermes is the good one. I’m just…Eric.”
“Don’t say that. You’re more than just Eric and you’re just as important to our family as Hermes is. You all are.”
“Even Mercury?” Eric faintly smirked.
“Even Mercury has a purpose in our family. He keeps us on our toes.”
Eric quietly chuckled before taking off his sailor hat and running it through his fingers.
“Maybe later, when you’re not busy, maybe Strata and I can take you out on his boat?”
Henry’s skin turn a shade of green and he nearly vomited from the mere thought of being on a ship.
“It won’t be far,” said Eric quickly, catching his father’s expression, “Just around the shore? I really like it.”
Henry softened at the excitement in Eric’s bright eyes and sighed, “Sure, as long as your friend doesn’t mind a little vomit.”
“Oh, no, he’s used to it. Just try to aim for the ocean. When we took Mercury, he didn’t even try. He just threw up right then and there on the deck!”
“I’ll do a little better than that.”
Eric smiled the first full blown smile that Henry had seen in a long time.
“Are you about ready? We still need to run those errands for your mother.”
Eric placed the hat on his head and hopped out of his seat before hugging a surprised Henry.
“I love you, Father.”
Henry gently patted Eric’s head.
“I love you too.”
“And you promise things will get better?” asked his son, a shadow of fear flashing across his face.
Henry bent down, rested his hands on Eric’s shoulder, and looked the young boy in the eyes.
“Eric, nothing is more to me than you boys and your mother and I would not trade you five for the world. I swear that I will never ever allow the family to break.”
“Never ever,” pressed Eric.
“Never ever.”
His son smiled and pulled Henry into another hug, which he returned with a tight squeeze, almost afraid of letting the boy go.
So I rewrote this short story Promise because I can and because my brain is all over the place. Anyway, this is a sadder version, but I like it better. I really like Eric and Henry together, but their relationship is really sad. They go from being incredibly close to Eric hating Henry. It's sad.

The story starts here
The story continues here

Anyway enjoy!

(c) me
138 deviations
Greg, and Keith are in a Starbucks, sitting at a table in the corner, waiting for Doug. Doug is waiting at the counter for his coffee. Greg is looking at his phone

“Raven finished her book. She’s devastated.
You’re going to have to pick up a lot of horror movies
for her.”

This man is ruining my life.


David Mitchell. I swear if I ever meet
him, I’m going to punch him.


Because every time Raven finishes one of his books
she’s devastated. Scary mascara runnind down her cheeks,
Eating whole tubs of ice cream at 3:00 in the morning. It’s terrible.

It’s usual for kids to get attached to characters.
Give it a few days and she’ll be fine

No, you don’t understand. It’s like she’s just
broken up with her boyfriend. This is going to be
a six month period of mourning and then it’s be a six
month period where she’ll try to detect anchovies and herbologists

Keith stares at him

Don’t ask. It’s a long story

Surely you’re over exaggerating

No, I’m not. The last book she read Cloud something
or other had her randomly bursting into tears for a  good month because of stupid sunny and Frobusher.
and then she tried to remember her past lives
And ended up hanging off the side of the couch
for a week because she thought she had caught
a few memories of a ‘fruit batty nature’

Doug, with a café latte in his hands, sits down next to Doug

Who’s a fruit bat?

Apparently one of Greg’s students

“And maybe try to arrange a meeting with Del Toro
Or something. This is bad”

Stupid British….spootabutt

Keith and Doug stare at him


I feel like I missed a lot while I got my coffee

Oh, it’s just Raven. She finished a book and now we have
to live with the consequences. I’m not going to allow
them to read anymore. That’s the only solution.

Aren’t you running a school?

What book?

Oh I don’t know. David Mitchell’s new book

Oh, that was good. I just finished it last night
Kind of what I need the coffee

Greg drops his phone and stares at Doug like he is a two headed alien

You read it?!

Yes, I’m a big fan

Greg gets his infamous I have an idea face.

What are you doing for dinner tonight?

Ok, Raven is attacking the ice cream and Jane just
finished the Anthony Doerr book and now she’s upset over WWII

What does that even mean?!
Literature Ruins Lives
So this is another random Greg snippet because I can't focus. Anyway this is just a random thing that may happen later in the book/script/whatever the hell this is. In case you're wondering Raven finished the book the Bone Clocks  by David Mitchell and Jane just finished All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. Both books are incredibly well written and phenomenal stories and both books had me crying for a good hour.

Anyway enjoy!

(c) me

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